About me and this blog

The arrival of the first Gentile worshippers of the Messiah marks the beginning of this blog.  It will continue from the Feast of the Epiphany until Pentecost with postings every other day.  The theme is simply Christ’s call on Paul as the apostle to the nations, as the one tasked with persuading the Jews that God wants the Gentile nations in His kingdom. The conclusions, subtle and not so subtle, will be the unfinished obedience of the church today towards the nations omitted from our mission. I’ll add an occasional footnote relating then to now.

Attention on Paul highlights several monumental things. But the one thing he would tell us that centralized his life was the message of Ananias after three days of blindness, “Our Lord calls you to be the apostle to the nations.” That is the starting point of any faithful study of Paul and that is the benchmark for his life, writings, and ministry.

What credentials do I bring?  Twenty-five years of expository preaching in three pastoral positions, fifteen years as founder and director of Anglican Frontier Missions, followed by eight unencumbered years of study of Paul.

I am a priest of the Diocese of Makurdi, Anglican Province of Nigeria, where I serve as Canon of the Cathedral under my bishop, the Rt. Rev. N. N. Inyom.

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